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Audacious, pioneering and influential, BIGBIG is elevating the world of activewear. Under the creative vision of Designer and Founder Chris Chang, BIGBIG has reinterpreted luxury for the modern moving woman.

Chris’ bold, bodacious badassery is something we know lives in every woman, and what this collection brings to the fore. “The BIGBIG woman is a force to be reckoned with,” Chris says. “She is fearless and fashion-forward; fiery, flirty, freethinking, and always full of life. She loves art, over-the-top aesthetics, and constant met- amorphosis. Our approach to activewear personifies girls on the go, artistic women with big dreams and adventurous souls ready to try anything.”

BIGBIG proudly introduces The BodésuitTM; a cutting-edge marriage between the ubiquitous black legging and classic Little Black Dress. This game-changing reinterpretation of the conventional bodysuit is a must-have wardrobe staple, designed to kickass from barre to bar.

In addition, BIGBIG presents a sweeping selection of timeless separates. From buttery monochrome yoga pants to high-impact, high-drama sports bras, we supply the stylish consumer with all her sportswear necessities.

Bringing an extravagant twist to activewear through the bold use of Chris’ original, maximalist, high-octane prints, BIGBIG is supplying sexy silhouettes and striking colors to every wardrobe in need of that “je ne sais quoi.”